FILA 2014 World Cup Session 1: JB Wrecks House in his Brand New Kicks

I’ve just spooled up this rad wrestling blog, so there’s no one reading this in real time (YET) and there’s no point in recapping the World Cup action or posting results (you can get those here or on the What I will point out is that international super star and native New Jerseyan JORDAN EFFING BURROUGHS pinned both of his opponents in the first round of the 2014 FILA World Cup. He also looked sharp in his fresh new boots, a pair of his signature (literally, his signature is printed on the side) Asics wrestling shoes.

Here is a closer look:

Pic from @NebraskaWTC

The FILA World Cup is a dual meet tournament between 10 of the best wrestling nations. It’s being held in Los Angeles this year and is live streaming the whole thing. It’s been quite entertaining so far and I expect that to continue. I’ll post more about it later.

In the meantime, I’d like to point out that despite looking totally dope, JB’s new shoes are clearly apeing the color scheme of the classic fluorescent Adidas Combat Speeds. Evidence below:

I was an Asics man my entire wrestling career but these shoes were undeniably bad ass. Back in the 90’s you had maybe 2 or 3 choices of wrestling shoes at your local Foot Locker. After that your choices were limited to what you could find in the Eastbay catalog. Eastbay had a much wider selection but I don’t think this style was made ever available through mail order. Only the ubiquitous black white and reds.

Anyway, to get your hands on these bad boys you had to go to some tough and cool wrestling camps and buy them from the random dudes selling wrestling gear from the tables during the post camp sales sessions. Or just know a guy who got his wares direct from Europe. You also wanted to make sure you didn’t totally suck at wrestling because you would look extra stupid getting your ass kicked in such high caliber kicks.

I vividly remember the legendary New Jersey wrestler out of Montclair, Isreal Cronk, sporting said fashionable footwear.

Ah memories. OK, back to Pool B action for now.


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