Argo in Inglewood!



Team USA lost a close dual meet to team Iran today. I guess that sucks for America but I’ve never been much of a jingoist. It’s also hard to dislike the Iranian team when their wrestlers are so friggin good. That guy Reza Yazdani is a machine. His name is also pretty rad. 

The whole event has been spectacularly entertaining, and it’s not even over yet. The US wrestles Ukraine (who is not weak) in an hour and then Russia’s JV squad will take on BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP BEEP BEEP I-RAN! I think Iran is going to win going away but the Russians like to hit the big throws so they’re capable of hitting some upsets. 

I also just watched the Armenians and the Georgians wrestle for 9th place, and despite 2 forfeits (WTF guys, bring some back ups), it was quite awesome. I know the die hard NCAA grandpas hate hearing it but international freestyle kicks the shit out of NCAA wrestling. Those dudes from these tiny Caucasian countries were flying all over the mat. The B1G championships, which I’m rewatching on DVR right now, is a complete snoozefest in comparison. 

And to think, back in the day, the only international wrestling you could watch was the 2 minute Olympic highlight clips that NBC would begrudgingly show when an American medaled. Life is so much better thanks to the innernet. Thanks innernets!


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