Clayton Foster Administers Several Very Impressive Beat Downs


One of the perks (I guess) of following a sport that gets zippo mainstream media coverage is you get to do all the research yourself. Whereas fans of other sports are forced to lap up whatever the sports journo powers-that-be decide is news worthy, I got to go on my own little fact finding mission after watching American Clayton Foster beat up some seriously credentialed dudes at the 2014 FILA World Cup. 

Here’s Clay Clay’s match results from the weekend:

  • Clayton Foster (USA) dec. Pawan Kumar (India), 10-0
  • Clayton Foster (USA) dec. Ehsan Lashgari (Iran), 7-5
  • Clayton Foster (USA) dec. Fatih Erdin (Turkey), 16-9
  • Clayton Foster (USA) dec. Ibragim Aldatov (Ukraine), 7-2

Most impressive were his matches against Lashgari and Aldatov, as those two sledgehammers have 7 world medals between them. Aldatov is the reigning champ at 84 kilos and Lashgari scored a bronze at last year’s Worlds. Allright, way to go Clayton Foster (said in Spicoli voice, natch).

Doing a little more digging reveals some more interesting factoids about Mr Foster Higher Farther. Though never an NCAA Champ, he is a 2X AA, nabbing a 6th place finish in 2010 and losing to Dustin Kilgore in the 2011 finals match. Here’s a nifty shot of him from his Okie State days from the superb website,


During the summer after his freshman year, Clayton went over seas and finished third in the FILA Juniors at 96 kgs. The guy that won is now a Heavyweight wrestling for Ukraine and winning world medals. And Foster’s co-bronze medalists is the number 1 heavy for Iran. It also appears that the rearranged freestyle weight classes – though totally effed up from an objective point off view – have benefited Foster. 84 kilos was inexplicably raised to 86, while the next lower weight class stayed at 74 kgs. Those 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds to us imperial system users) have allowed Foster cut down from 96 (now 97) where he had been competing. 

I also learnt that Foster is from Kamiah, Idaho, which is in the middle of friggin no where. But it was once a Nez Perce settlement, and that was a fun topic to read about on Wikipedia. 

Also Clayton’s last name is Australian for beer. Sorry, couldn’t resist. 

If Foster can keep up this kind of performance, he is going to be very dangerous on the international scene. He’s certainly one to keep a close eye on at the US Team Trials, and perhaps the 2014 World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Wait, seriously? Uzebkistan? Well, that should be an interesting road trip. 



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