How did my favorite underdogs do after two sessions of the 2014 NCAA Wrestling Championships?

Lets find out if my elite squad of hand picked seniors still have a chance of making the podium for the first time ever. 

125: Germaine EMU – totally called the upset first round. Then lost a tough one to Terao, but nice to see a Hawaiian score some tourney points. Next is the tough but beatable Mines from Edinboro in the consi R2. Then probably (15) Zanetta. Then either unseeded Hall or (5) Peters in the blood round. Odds are slim but there’s still a chance!

133: Roth CMU – lost to (5) Graff in R2. Zeisloft from Rider in Consi R2. Then probably (4) Morrison who suffered a big upset. Then Either Quiroga or Schopp. Not looking good for Roth in this exceedingly difficult bracket. Just too many hammers.

141:Vaith HOF – Pinned by Henderson in R2. Next is Neff from Lock Haven in the consis. Then Mayes/Gardner, then Lazor/Retherford. As long as he avoids Retherford, who should win his 1/4 match, then there’s still a chance. Maybe a 20% chance?

149: Grajales MICH – made the quaters. Faces #1 Houdashelt. Grajales is a wildcard, so a win there is definitely possible. Probably Sueflohn or Villalonga waiting for him if he loses. I think chances are 50/50 he gets it done.

157: Taffur BU – Also through the to 1/4, though he was seeded to make it that far. Dierenger is next, most likely a L. (8) Pena is the highest ranked guy he could face in R12. Not to jinx it but things are looking pretty good for Taffur.

165: Santiago RID – Saint Tiago won his pigtail but then lost to (8) Moreno. But then he won his Consi R1, and will now face (10) Moore UNI (not (5) Moore IOWA – altho he’s in the wrestlebacks now too). If Ramon somehow wins he’ll have a small chance of beating (15) Zilverberg and then unseeded Veltre (most likely opponents) to medal. Not impossible but I would bet zero dollars on it.

174: Curling ODU & Doty UVA – both in the Consi R2. Curling can definitely win his next match against Navy’s Miller but then he’ll have either (8) Walters or (10) Ottinger. Then either (5) Brown or (4) Evans. There’s pretty much no chance Curling medals. Aw. Doty will be favored to win until he he reaches the blood round, then its likely Lehigh’s Riddick in a rematch that Riddick won in a squeaker at this year’s VA Duals. Should be fun!

184: Vetterlein VT – Vetterlein took his 16th seed and promptly lost 2 matches, including the consi pigtail, becoming the first Jaroslav Yunderdov to end his career. Oh well, don’t sweat it dude, at least you no longer have to cut wait and kill yourself in work outs all friggin year long. 

197: Palik DREX & Boley UMD – Palik also when 0-2 (and barbecue as the cool kids like to say). But there’s no shame in losing to the 7th and 10th seed by a total of 4 points, which he did. Tough draw and tough way to end a career. Boley suffered a heartbreaking OT loss in the first round but rebounded by winning his first wrestleback. Unfortunatel,y Oklahoma’s 7th ranked Rutt also got upset and that’s who Boley drew next. Past that is a winnable match but then in R12 will be either (5) Gadson or (4) Schiller. I don’t see it happening for Boley, but its not the toughest tourney off the year for nothing.

285: Felix BSU – Felix the 9 seed lost to Medbury the 8 seed in R2 of the Championship bracket. He’ll get Tasser, a bumped up 97er in the consolation bracket. Then most likely (15) Fager and (11) Marsden. Still very doable for Felix. 

I’m thinking maybe 2 or 3 AAs, which isn’t bad for a group of never before medalists. Anything over 3 would be gravy. Tomorrow should be a great day of wrestling. Can’t wait to sit in an office and pretend to work all day!


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