Jaroslav’s Junderdogs after Session III – How’d they do? Eh, so so

About as expected. Of the 12, none made the semis but 6 are still alive in consolation 4th round. THE BLOOD ROUND!

125: Germaine EMU – OUT in the consi R3. Pinned by Mines of Edinboro. Germaine went out swinging though. He’s all about the cement mixer, and when you live by the upper body pinning combinations, you often die by them. But they make it exciting for fans and I’m glad I picked this dude. He’s all right this kid. 

133: Roth CMU – STILL ALIVE! Faces off against the fantastically named Cashe “rules everything around me” Quiroga, another senior, from Purdue. Quiroga is a 7th seed and it’ll be a battle. If he wins he’ll get either Mark Grey or Mason Beckman. 

141:Vaith HOF – STILL ALIVE! The 8th seed will have to get by 11th seed Lazor of Northern Iowa to reach All-American status. Tough match but I got FAITH in VAITH! (oof, I’m sure Vaith is already sick of hearing that hack line). 

149: Grajales MICH – STILL ALIVE! Couldn’t solve #1 seed Drake Houdashelt in the quarters. Well have to beat #3 Chris Villalonga from Cornell in the round of 12. Both are blue chip recruits with up and down careers and no AAs yet. CV still has a year of eligibility though, so even if you didn’t pick him for your list of top yunderdogs, you should still root for Grajales!

157: Taffur BU – STILL ALIVE! Will wrestle cinderella story unseeded Anthony Perrotti of Rutgers. OH MAN! CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Perrotti is just a sophomore though, and this is Boston University’s last year of D1 wrestling, so I still gotta go with Taffur. Perrotti and Scott Goodale’s Rutgers squad will have plenty more chances at glory. Both guys are from Jersey too, so really, I CAN’T LOSE.

165: Santiago RID – OUT in the 3rd round of the consolations, losing 6-3 to (15) Zilverberg of Minnesota. Santiago went 3-2 and made it to the final 16. Not to shabby for an unseeded NJ wrestler from Rider. Congrats on the career Ramon!

174: Curling ODU – OUT pinned by Navy’s MIller, going 1-2 in the tourney. I guess it’s party time in Norfolk for Billy.

174: Doty UVA – OUT lost 7-1 to Hammond from Cal State – Bakersfield, after going 2-2. Nice to see one of the few remaining Cali public schools get a wrestler to the R12. Guess its party time in terrible Charlottesville for Stephen. Maybe he can go to the same terrible bar I was once at. It was just a big house with a tiny wooden bar on the second floor. The Chateau, or the Mansion or something. Man, C-Ville is really awful.

184: Vetterlein VT – OUT 0-2. Already covered Nick’s exit. At least he gets to go back to Blacksburg, which doesn’t have the reputation of Charlottesville but is actually a billion times better. See you at Top of the Stairs!

197: Palik DREX – OUT 0-2. Already covered as well. Back to Philly for Brandon. Barf, Philly. 

197: Boley UMD – STILL ALIVE! I was genuinely shocked to see Boley in the blood round. It helped that former All American and 7th seed Travis Rutt medically forfeited out of the tournament. Boley will have to beat an extremely tough (5) Kyven Gadson Iowa State to get a medal. He will have slim odds, but he will have everyone at RJ Bently’s, Cornerstone, and whatever other foul smelling dive bar they open up on route 1 cheering him on! Well, probably not. Especially if the Terps BBall team in the NCAA tournament. Are they? Feh, who cares. 

285: Felix BSU – STILL ALIVE! Felix went 3-1 so far and has eleventh seeded Marsden of Oklahoma State in the most bloody of all the rounds. I think J.T. has a very shot at winning. I also like his chances against Michigan St’s 7th ranked Mike McClure who he would likely face in the next round. You got this Felix, this is all you, dude.

Putting 50/50 odds on each R12 match means I can expect 3 AAs. Any less, and no biggie, everyone of my Yunderdogs but up a great fight. 3 or more, though, would a fantastic result and something those guys will be able to brag about on internet message boards for the rest of their lives.


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