2014 NCAA Wrestling All Americans: Graphs and Maps of their home states

Top 12:


All Americans:


Top 3:






Presented without comment for now. Except I’d note that Earl Hall from Homestead, Florida got cropped out of the Top 12 and AA maps. Sorry dude, no disrespect to you or South Florida!

Small pic added for forum posting.



Ah crap! Just discovered 2 omissions on the R12 map and graph. I’m too lazy to redo the graphix so just mentally add one more for the states of Illinois and New York. I missed Lucas Smith, CMU 157 lbers from Wheeling, Il (Northside of Chicago) and Christian Boley of Brockport, NY (outer burb of Rochester). Man how could I leave off my man Boley? He was one of my Yunderdogs!

There are 330 NQs, 80 AAs , 30 Top 3 and 10 Champs, so I assume I didn’t screw up those graphs and maps.  But while I’m submitting my corrections and amplifications, might as well list the wrestlers who are from the same hometown that made the R12, so you know which pin points count for double (or triple!).

(3)Harrisburg, PA: Dallago, Courts, Ruth

(2)Loveland, CO: Medbery, Graff

(2)Cleveland, OH: Habat, Sulzer

(2)Allentown, PA: Riddick, Cruz

(2)Easton, PA: Minotti, McMullan

(2)Brandon, FL: Grajales, Bruno

(2)Pittsbugh, PA: Thomas, Zanetta

(2)Christiansburg: Dance, Carter

Hopefully there aren’t any more typos or mistakes. And if there are, I’d rather not know about them because I am lazy, as previously mentioned.

DOUBLE TURDS – as it was helpfully mentioned in the comments, I short changed Kansas 1 AA and accidentally gave Iowa an extra AA (ditto for Top 3 and R12 finishes) when I got Tyler Caldwell (165, OSU) of Wichita, KS mixed up with Cody Caldwell (174, UNI) of Waverly, IA on my spreadsheet. It’s super annoying as I’m do lazy to redo all the graphs so this notice of errata will have to suffice. My bad Kansas!


10 thoughts on “2014 NCAA Wrestling All Americans: Graphs and Maps of their home states

    • you’re right! Maple is listed correctly but Tyler Caldwell (165, OSU) of Wichita, KS was mixed up with Cody Caldwell (174, UNI) of Waverly, IA in my data set. I’ll make a note in the post. good catch! also, darn it!

  1. If you are considering the Harrisburg metro area, as it appears you are doing, you’ll want to add one more wrestler, Mike Evans from Enola, PA. It is across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, but near the center of the Harrisburg Metro Area.

    • Evans is on there. His hometown is pinned at Enola, PA, inside the Harrisburg MSA, same place that’s indicated on his Iowa Hawkeye bio page. altho his pin and Ed Ruth’s pin overlap so it’s tough to see both on the maps. But he is included as a PA native in the graphs.

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