Jaroslavs Junderdogs – Inna Final Analysis

125: Germaine EMU – R24 

133: Roth CMU – 7th!  

141: Vaith HOF – R12 

149: Grajales MICH – 3rd!!!

157: Taffur BU – R12

165: Santiago RID – R16

174: Curling ODU – R24

174: Doty UVA – R16

184: Vetterlein VT – BBQ

197: Palik DREX – BBQ

197: Boley UMD – R12 

285: Felix BSU – R12

Well, 2 outta 12 ain’t bad. 4 of my guys went down in the blood round, which is so tantalizingly close to All American status. But whatever, record books are for foggy brained naval gazers. Live in the now, that’s what I say! 

And no matter the outcome, division 1 NCAA wrestling is pure hell on the body, and these kids (and unless they are over 30 I reserve the right to call them kids) busted their asses for 4 years, sometimes 5, all in the pursuit of pure athletic competition. Not many are willing to sacrifice their college years for that. I know I sure wasn’t. 

Schmaltz aside, I included links to twitter accounts and team bio’s so we can all cyber stalk learn more about this incredible athletes. I congratulate them and the rest of the college wrestlers whose careers ended last weekend and wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors. 


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