ESPN’s TV Ratings for the NCAA Wrestling Championships: Boffo or Bogus?


There is a very good thread on the forums, started by A+ commenter Pinnum, that posts the ratings of the finals of the NCAA Wrestling Tournament that ESPN aired last Saturday. You should read the whole thread, because there’s lots of good discussion, including some by me, it it’ll save me the time and energy of retyping or cutting and paste what I already said (yes I’m that lazy). 

As for the 2014 ratings, well, they’re down from 2013, but they’re up from 2012. So I’d have to go with neither boffo nor bogus. Bofgus. 

The numbers: “Saturday’s NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships earned 630,000 viewers on ESPN, down 22% from last year (860K), but up 14% from 2012 (537K).”

It doesn’t seem like a lot of viewers, especially compared to the millions of people watching the basketball tournament. But ESPN has nothing else to show while they get stomped by CBS’s orange ball juggernaut, so I can see why they want to expand coverage and then maybe even support a MUCH MORE MARKETABLE DUAL MEET TOURNAMENT. But that topic is going to take a lot longer than I have to post now. 

But anyway, the coverage was fantastic, so thanks for that ESPN. Hey, maybe you could even give us our own homepage on your website, you think? Perhaps someday!


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