Whoa – The FILA European Championships have started already

The European championships are one of the best tournaments on the FILA calendar, mainly due to the Russians being there. Or, more accurately, the Russian Federation’s wrestling team and other ex-soviet national teams being there.

Anyway, they wrestled two of 8 freestyle weights already. What, you didn’t see the highlights on Sportscenter?

Thankfully, for what FILA lacks in media coverage, and boy to they ever lack, they make up for in technology, or at least in posting  timely, free to stream, videos of the matches on dartfish.tv.

Below is Russia’s Gadisov vs Azerbaijan’s Gazyumov in the 97 kilogram finals. Wanted to be slick and embed the video but can’t get the Silverlight video function to work with WordPress.

Link to the match.

Spoiler alert, Gadisov wins 2 takedowns to 1 pushout. Gadisov is Dagestani and Gazyumov is Osesstian. You could write a book on both their careers, and you could fill a library with the history of the Dagestani and Osesstian people. Just don’t look for me to write them, that’s why we have Google and Wikipedia.

And here’s Russia’s (notice a trend developing?) Kurbanaliev vs Turkey’s Coskin.

And here’s a link to the match.

Spoiler alert, Kurby dominates the Turk 10-0. I don’t know where Kurbanaliev  is from but his first name is Magomed, which is NOT pronounced MA-go-med, but is, in fact, a variation of Mohammed, and should be pronounced something close to it.  I don’t know exactly how it should be pronounced but I think it’s safe to say the second syllable should be stressed. But whatevs. Either way, Magomed is effing good.

Man do I love me some high caliber freestyle matches. Sucks I should be going to bed right now because I’m just going to stay up and watch more online.


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