I ask because I am completely baffled. 

As far as I can tell, most fans want individual wrestling tournaments. The NCAA tournament sells out EVERY year. And they also want dual meets. 16 THOUSAND fans attended a SINGLE dual meet this past year.

Well how about a dual meet tournament? HOW ABOUT YOU PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, IDIOT?

That’s literally the response you get when you suggest that maybe you could take the top 24 teams in the country and have them wrestle each other. You’d think that if you liked college wrestling teams, you’d also like watching the best college wrestling teams compete. But nope. You mention that to wrestling fans and they wonder if you’re mentally retarded.

One one hand, I get it. I get that folks like consistency. Especially folks that reach a certain age and become “set in their ways.” Its very comforting knowing that the way they did things when you were younger is the way they still do things now. It’s validating to the feelings you’ve long held, and it assures you that the best way to do things is the way you that you prefer them to be done. It’s why the golden age of any kind of music is whatever was popular when you were in middle school. 

And then there are the stats and records. Nothing is more gratifying then pouring over year after year of brackets and scores, seeing how different accomplishments stack up against each other, and finding patterns and idiosyncrasies in the data. Any changes in the wrestling season threatens to disrupt that history and the order of things. It’s threat not just to the culture of a sport, but on personal beliefs.

But on the other hand, holy frig listening to some of these complaints makes me want to gargle drano. It’s not worth going on some sad lament about the state of college wrestling and on how we need a change. Altho I COULD. Instead, why not just think about the 23 dual meets between the 24 best teams that we (might) get to watch? That’s awesome. I like wrestling. I want to watch more wrestling. This will make it happen. THAT’S ENOUGH FOR ME. I DON’T SWEAT THE DETAILS. 

All right, whatever, that is my last stupid rant about this dumb idiot of a dual meet tournament proposal for morons. Back to the maps and charts, nerds!


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