2012 London Olympics: Men’s Freestyle Wrestling – MAPPED!

Place of birth of the Men’s Freestyle Wrestling participants at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, places 1 through 7

2012 FS 1-7

Place of birth of the Men’s Freestyle Wrestling participants at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, places 8 through 19

2012 FS 8-19

Link to the interactive map:

View 2012 Men’s Freestyle Wrestling in a full screen map

It’s pretty easy to locate the center of the Freestyle wrestling world. As mentioned before, it’s the Caucasus Mountains. You could field multiple squad with just Dagistani or Ossestian wrestlers, and indeed many do wrestle for teams other than Russia and Georgia.

What also stands out is where freestyle wrestlers don’t come. Pretty much nothing from the entire Southern Hemisphere. And Western Europe is devoid of top ranked wrestlers and nearly vacant of native qualifiers. Kinda concerning. It’s not good for business when the biggest, richest countries in the world aren’t involved.

Probably the most encouraging  results are from the sub-continent. Not only does India have one and half billion potential fans, they’ve also, for the most part, yet to fall under the thrall of the twin global sport powerhouses, soccer and basketball. A silver and bronze medal at the Olympics (and identical results in the 2013 World Championships) is a real positive, and something FILA should be looking to capitalize on. There is a lot of room for growth in South Asia.

And not because we need another reminder, but because its interesting to me and I already made the charts, below is the number of points each Caucasus ‘state’ scored. Points calculated by taking each wrestler’s final standings (1-19) and subtracting it from 20. So Dagestan born wrestlers scored 115 total “points”, and 30 of those points were earned for Russia, 23 for Azerbaijan, and so forth.

Dagestan – RUS 115
RUS 30
AZE 23
TUR 15
TJK 14
BLR 13
KAZ 11
North Ossetia – RUS 68
UZB 20
AZE 17
UKR 11
CAN 10
Shida Kartli (South Ossetia) – GEO 61
GEO 43
RUS 18
Kabardino-Balkaria – RUS 29
RUS 29
Ganja 19
AZE 19
Tbilisi 18
GEO 18
Abkhazia – GEO 17
RUS 17
Mtskheta-Mtianeti – GEO 17
GEO 17
Astara – AZE 15
AZE 15
Kakheti – GEO 14
GEO 14
Yerevan – ARM 13
ARM 13
Ingushetia – RUS 13
KGZ 13
Abseron – AZE 12
AZE 12
Karachay-Cherkessia – RUS 12
ARM 12
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti – GEO 11
GEO 11

I also did the same thing for the countries where all the wrestlers in the Olympics were born.

Russia 254
Georgia 138
United States 99
Iran 99
Japan 68
Kazakhstan 56
Uzbekistan 55
Cuba 50
Azerbaijan 46
India 42
Turkey 41
Ukraine 40
Bulgaria 36
North Korea 32
Egypt 31
Mongolia 28
Dominican Republic 25
Hungary 25
Moldova 16
Guinea Bissau 13
Armenia 13
Tunisia 12
Venezuela 12
South Korea 11
Canada 11
Haryana 10
Germany 10
Romania 10
Latvia 10
France 9
Nigeria 8
Tajikistan 8
Senegal 6
Namibia 5
Mexico 4
China 4
Algeria 4
Greece 4
American Samoa 2

Did you know American Samoa had a freestyle wrestler at the 2012 Summer Games? Well you do now!


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