I think the evidence is quite clear. Class of 2010 knows how to regulate.

For starters you can check out the wonderful archive at D1CW, which lists all the 4X AAs and 3X AAs by class. 2010 had a record 12 three timers (at least in the last 22 years) to go along with an impressive five quad-All-Americans (the 4X record is seven, which was tied last year and in 1997). Some huge names in that class too, like Varner and Metcalf, (and heaps more of course).

That would probably be all you need but because charts are fun, I made this graph of AA’s by year of eligibility (click on any of the pictures to enlarge them).


I also highlighted the trends.


The major caveat to keep in mind are red shirts. There’s no easy way to take them into accounts, so I just ignored them. Assuming the class of 2010 takes most of their RS years either before or right after their freshman year, which I believe is the most common schedule, then the progression from sophomore through senior year holds. The highest number off Sophs and Jrs during the year’s being measured are the two year directly before 2010, our class supreme.

I also highlighted the rising senior class, which looks to be another bumper crop of wrestlers, though perhaps of slightly lesser caliber than 2010. 2014 also tied the record for most freshman AAs in the last 18 years.

Finally, a calculated the average number of AA’s from each class across every year, and then calculated the percentage above or below that average for each class in each individual year. I then added up four consecutive years of rising classmen to get an over all score. Again, the big caveat is red shirts, but still, look at 2010 dominating.


Impressive. OK, that’s enough charts for today. Congrats wrestlers who graduated in twenty-ten, you are the beastliest!


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