2014 NCAA Wrestling Recruiting

As we continue the long hard slog that is the NCAA wrestling off season, I figured I’d make a map of the hometowns of the top 100 high school seniors according to D1CW.



An interactive map of the full 150 ranked guys can be found by clicking the link below. Thanks D1CW for the awesome ranking!

View 2014 D1CW Top 150 Wrestling Recruits in a full screen map

I also took the top 100 ranked guys according to Intermat and assigned both lists of wrestlers reverse points, so the #1 ranked wrestler gets 100 pts, #2 gets 99 pts, etc. Then I averaged the score and made a graph to see how each team did in recruiting their incoming class.



Doesn’t take into account things like transfers and I’m sure there are plenty of other quibbles with the data, but it still gives you a nice snap shot of the recruiting process so far (I think anyway). Many of the usual suspects at the top. Nice job by Stanford and Utah Valley, with pretty high scores for 2 Western programs.

BTW click on the pics to get a larger sized graphic.

And then because everyone loves a good state rivalry (though I’m clueless as to why that is), here is the breakdown of points by home state.



No surprises with PA being on top. NJ also with a strong showing this year. Go Jerz!


Hey look at that, a graph of wrestling strength with PA not coming out number 1!

This is just number of points divided by state population (divided by 1,000). And still to Pennsy’s credit, they come out as the best “large” state. But also props due to ND and ID for providing big returns from small populations.

And a small map to fit most forum posting restrictions.

D1CW 2014 Top 100 Recruits small

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed the number crunching. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and criticisms.


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