It’s never too early to start looking ahead to next year’s NCAA wrestling season! So many line ups, so many possibilities. Who’s bumping up? Who’s cutting down? Who’s redshirting? Who’s coming back? Who will falter in their quest for glory and who will reach pinnacle of American folkstyle competition?

Just don’t look at me to answer those questions. My mental capacity is limited. I can’t keep up with the dozens of programs and hundreds of wrestlers and nigh infinite permutations thereof. But some very impressive dudes can. And luckily they’ve shared their wisdom on this TheMat.com forum thread. And by ‘they’ I mean MSU158 and ocho. Nice work gentlemen, very much appreciated!

Of course some people will say it’s too early for speculation. Nonsense. Relegate that impaired notion to the fat fart factory. Wrestling fans need grist for the mill, lest they get restless and start snipping at each other. And there is nothing worse than listening to bitter wrestling fans argue on the internet. Barfo delux. No thank you.

Besides, what else is there to do? Other than decipher what the hell Cael Sanderson is talking about with this tweet I mean:

hashtag nerdalert???


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