I Consider Myself Part of John Smith’s Coaching Tree


Probably tough to see but that’s 6X World Champion and NCAA individual and coaching champion John Smith’s signature. He unexpectedly showed up to a summer wrestling camp at TSC – now CNJ – back in like 95 or something. Before my freshman year of high school I’m pretty sure.

The camp was fun and productive, except for the dearth of fat kids, but I managed with the upper weights there.

Anyway, John Smith just kind of appeared on the last day when everyone was all slap happy and ready to go back home, so he got pissed and drilled us in calisthenics until we were too tried to screw around anymore.

Then he took questions and signed autographs. I asked him about cutting weight and the proper diet and he was like, yeah oatmeal and tuna fish are good for all of your meals.

Fun times. And now if I ever coach a wrestling team I’m going to totally say I’m part of the Smith coaching tree.

Unethical you say? Well you just try and stop me!!!

JK I don’t forsee a coaching gig anywhere in my future. Though never say never I guess. 


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