Tashkent Draws: 57, 70, 86 & 125

Are you ready for some fuhbaw! I mean rasslin! The NFL and the FILA United World Wrestling Championships start today! Party time! Excellent!

Need to wait like, 11 more hours until the wrestling actually begins, but no biggie, that just gives us time to check out the brackets! Let’s see what Team USA and Jaroslav’s Thunderbringers will be dealing with!

Ramos starts things off with Mongolia’s Bekhbayer Erdenebat. Did you know there are FIVE Erdenebat’s in the FILA UWW database? Well there are. Don’t know much about Erdy. Looks like he was a Junior World Champ in 2012. He’s also won a few other minor tournaments. He’ll be a tough one. Also in Ramos’ half of the bracket is my man from Georgia, Vlady Kinchy. Those 2 could meet in the semis. On the other side of the bracket are the top 2 contenders and former World Champeens, Rahimi of Iran and Levedev of Russia. Should be a fun tournament, the lightweights pretty much always deliver the entertainment.

Up at the newly minted 70 kilogram non-olympic weight, brick ship house (it’s ship house, right?) Nick Marable drew this scary looking individual:

 Screenshot 2014-09-07 at 1.49.52 PM

Yikes. His name in Tanatarov and he took 3rd at the London Olympics, but at the decidedly Olympian weight of 66kgs. AND THEN if Marable wins he most likely faces off against heavy metal thundah Grigor Grigoryan. Greg Gregson, I like it. Also on the bottom, pig-tailed side of the bracket is Tsabalov, the Russian. Hosseisomethingorother the Iranian is top side. I feel like this bracket is wide open. Should be rad!

Next weight brings the man, the myth, the purple nurpler and Jaroslav retweeter himself, Ed “Babe Ruth” Ruth. Easy Ed’s got his work cut out for him, as 86 is stacked, partly on account of the unconscionable 12 kilo jump from the next lowest weight class. Ruth’s got a very winnable Turkmenistanian first, followed by an Iranian who beat Ruth in the 2013 University Championships. I’m betting on Ruth getting revenge. There is not a wrestler, nay human being, that can match his god gifted physical talents. Except maybe Salas, of Cuba. He’s on Ruth’s side of the bracket. Tourney favorite Sadulaev is on the otherside. But I am team Ruth 100% and team Salas a slightly smaller percentage. One of them is getting it done and taking gold. BOOK IT. 

Last weight of the day are the heavies, 125 kilos. Two hundred and seventy-five elle bees. Big bad Tervel Dlagnev is going to win his first two matches with steez, and then get revenge against Taha Akgul, the super tough Turk who denied Dagnev a bronze medal in the last World Championship. But Akgul is a beast, and my international pick, so after Tervel beats the Georgian Saka in the semis, Akgul will storm back through the repecharge and score his second consecutive bronze medal. In the upper half of the bracket are Ghasemi (who I guess will be the Iranian rep after all) and living legend Hajimurad Gatsalov. 

And now I’ve killed an hour and a half or so and we’re that much closer to tournament time. See how nice that works!

By the way, here’s the new logo for FILA UWW (you dub dub?). Pretty decent I think. Couldn’t be worse than before anyway!




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