#Tashkent2014 Day 1 – Tervel Dlagnev is a boss and I need a nap

Despite my incessant whining about being tired, hating Mondays and needed a nap (did I get possessed by Garfield?) the 1st day of wrestling at Tashkent has been awesome. Too tired to do a recap of Day 1 or preview of Day 2 (there I go again with the complaining) but here are a couple few very basic charts of the Day 1 results I whipped up in between mainlining a dark Colombian roast directly into my veins.

UWW official team scores:

2014 WC day 1 team rank


Unofficial team scores where I score every wrestler entered on a scale of 1 to 38 (which is number of wrestlers at 86kgs, due to the unconscionable 12 kilo jump from 74) based on UWW official weight class rankings:

2014 WC day 1 expanded team pts


Breakdown of UWW official point scores by wrestler for the top 9 teams

2014 WC day 1 wrestlers


Bold and daring team race prediction: Russia will win!

Check in on Jaroslav’s International Team of Super Star Hammers:

57: GEO Kinchy – SILVER!

70: ARM Gregson – Nothing! (but eliminated by Marable, an American, so could be worse.)

86: CUB Salas – SILVER! And lucky he didn’t get DQ’s out of the tourney for taking a swing at Sadulaev in the finals!

125: TUR Agkul – GOLD BABY! Sucks he had to take out Dlagnev on his way to the crown but honestly I am pretty impressed by my pick ’em skill so far. Nice work Jaro. 

Now to stay awake for the NY Giants season opener on MNF and the second day of the World Championships. It is a sports day of magnitude proportions!


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