#Tashkent2014 Day 2: BRUTALIZED

Trying to stay up 2 consecutive nights and still go to work was definitely not a good idea. I’m too bushed to think of anything interesting to say. Disappointing but not necessarily discouraging result. Burroughs “only” took bronze. Tsargush is probably a “dirty” wrestler but honestly, the reigning 3 time world champ and guy who personally denied you 2 gold medals comes out on the mat in the semi finals with one leg tapped up like a mummy and you DON’T attack it? Burroughs knew what was coming. It sucks but its wrestling. 

Also did think it was interesting how pumped Tsargush was to beat Burroughs. He did far more celebrating after winning his semifinal match then he did in the finals. That’s respect if you ask me. 

Dlagnev and his bronze was the only guy to wrestle up to expectations, which were perhaps too lofty coming in. No one else made it to a medal match, but everyone did lose close, winnable matches to opponents that did. The difference between 5th and 15th place in the current system is mostly luck. We were a team of solid medal threats but not a lot of bona fide contenders. 

For the contenders, look to Russia. Oh man, did those guys ever wrestle a tournament. 5 golds and a bronze out of 8, and the 2 guys who didn’t medal were gold medal caliber. That much talent training together for that long, with that much local infrastructure and support; its an impossible system to replicate in the US, and the results speak for themselves. 

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short post. So before the Sons of Anarchy two and a half hour season premiere starts (no I will not be able to finished before passing out, that is why DVRs were invented), let’s check in on Jaroslav’s International Dynamos.

57: Kinchegashvili GEO – SILVER

61: Aliev AZE – GOLD

65: Ganzorig MGL – BRONZE

70: Grigoryan ARM – 11th

74: Kurbanov UZB – 7th

86: Salas CUB – SILVER

97: Gadisov RUS – GOLD

125: Agkul TUR – GOLD

Yo. honestly, that’s not bad. That’s actually pretty friggin good. I should do this more often. 



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