#Tashkent2014 – COLD WAR ANALYSIS

Wanna know what the results of the 2014 Men’s Freestyle Wrestling World Championship looks like when broken down by the federation’s ideological affinity from the 1980’s? Well look no further, it’s directly below!

2014 Worlds cold war analysis

I made a chart of points scored by each country per the UWW (Yu-Dubz?) scoring system (10,9,8,8,6,6,4,3,2,1 for a wrestler placing 1st through 10th). Up top are the ex-Soviet countries and below are the non-ex-Soviets. I also color coded the countries by Soviet vs NATO/Allies vs Neutral. Had to make some judgement calls regarding affiliation and neutrality (e.g. Germany) and I’m sure I made some errors. Also still getting the hang of Google Spreadsheet’s pivot table function, so apologies for the weak formatting.

Anyway, former USSR countries scored 47% of all possible points in the tournament. Damn.

This was all done in fun, by the way. I’m not a proponent of carrying on old cold war grudges. Nor do I think it even makes much sense in the wrestling world, as so few “Russian” wrestlers are actual Russians. But that’s a totally different topic. Point is, dudes in that part of the world know how to grap. For real.


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