2014-15 NCAA Wrestling Pre-Season Team Ranking

I took CPyles nice rankings and made a chart of assumed NCAA finishes. Its an inexact science but I think this gets us pretty close to how things will shake out. For instance, does anyone think any team from Michigan and beyond has a chance at winning a national title?Screenshot 2014-10-04 at 12.03.49 AMAnyway, only a couple weeks before wrestle offs and the regular season. Just some food for thought in the mean time.

UPDATE: BTW those numbers on the left side of the graph was just a quick & dirty point value I assigned to Flo’s individual rankings. 20 pts for a #1 rank, 19 for 2nd, etc. Not tournament scoring or anything fancy but it suits my purposes all right enough.

And if you’re somehow reading this and aren’t familiar with Christian Pyles’ rankings talk over on Flo, go watch him now! CP KNOWS ALL!


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