NCAA Wrestling Conference Strength

As of the 11.18.14 Intermat rankings.

ncaa conf 11.18.14

I added up point totals from the rankings (20pts for 1st, 19 for 2nd, etc) by conference and divided by the total points available (210). 100% would mean the conference had 20 teams and each team from that conference had a wrestler ranked in the top 20 of that weight. 0% means that no wrestler from that conference was ranked in the top 20 of that weight (which does happen a lot).

Getting a score of 50% is very difficult. One way a conference can do that is populating the top six rankings in a weight class. Or they can occupy the bottom fourteen spots in a weight. That the Big Ten has three weights with over 50% of the available points is kind of absurd. The only weight in which the B1G does not have a plurality of point is 184. Solid work by the Eastern schools for snagging 31% of those points. Way to keep it from being a total run away, EIWA one eighty four pounders!


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