NCAA Wrestling Championship Totally Tubular Trivia Time

Whilst scouring the interwebs for more NCAA data, I came across Britt Malinsky, master of the abacus, and his post conference tournament computer rankings, available here. It’s quite the trove of information . Many thanks for making the data public, Britt!

First Man Out / Last Man In

125: Steven Polakowski MINN / Drew Romero AFA

133: Sam Brancale MINN / Bryan Lantry BUFF

141: Mitch Bengston NDSU / Nicolas Gil NAVY

149: Andrew Crone WIS / John Fahy SIUE

157: Ian Brown LEH* / Chris Castillo BSU

165: Paul Duggan CAMP** / Mitch Wightman AMER

174: Tyler Askey UVA / Michael Pavasko CLAR

184: Ben Stroh WYO / Samson Imonode ARMY

197: Derek Thomas UVU / Hayden Hrymack RUT

285: Nick Gajdzik HARV / Antonio Pelusi F&M

*Brandon Kingsley MINN was 2nd man out – Ian Brown was highest ranked 1st man out

**Brandon Krone MINN was 2nd man out – Minnesota got boned!

At least I hope I got all those correct. Tough keeping track of everyone who got injured/missed weight etc. I also just could have made mistakes. After all, pobody’s nerfect!

And this whole exercise is purely for sniffs and giggles. I’m not making a case for anyone being thrown our or included in the tournament, nor am I making judgments about talent. It’s all just for fun. Please, let’s have fun.



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